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IED calls young creatives to develop ideas and projects describing Design for alls: means that you have to define an inclusive concept, while approaching your design project,  thinking how to include those persons and objects that are usually out of contest. Our goal is to show how a design can conceive everybody without consider race, age, sex, social class, weight, handicap, religion, language. Design for all is also democracy. Design quality, accessible pieces for often excluded people that need more quality and high level of creativity.

The Master of Design Management aims to prepare professionals who integrate and master both User Centred Design innovation, project management, strategic planning AND core business management principles in order to guarantee a smooth fit into the business environment and maximize their contribution. Designers need to understand the business reality and the role they can play to be able to participate effectively in it. Business managers can benefit from understanding the potential of a discipline like Design in the Business environment and facilitate its integration to other strategic functions to contribute to the value creation process.

Convocante:IED Barcelona
Plazo:20 de noviembre de 2013.

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